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Managing multiple incomes of your clients and preparing tax returns on their behalf can be a tedious process – especially if they belong to different sectors. That’s where Stellaripe can put your headaches to rest. We handle all of the arduous background work so you can have the freedom to get on with your business without worrying about industry-specific or HMRC’s rules and regulations. We guarantee achieving a fast and reliable turnaround with a proven system.

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    In this high transaction volume sector, keeping on top of their accounting is vital because businesses need to have deep insights into their financial status. They heavily rely on real-time reporting, which is time-consuming and tedious. That’s where we step in with.


    Construction businesses face unique accounting challenges with cyclical work and management of the CIS impacting their profitability. But when they have the right accounting support, it’s easier for them to focus on the construction activity they are passionate about. We can help you help them!


    Manufacturing sector clients require capable accounting services to cater to continuous technological developments, cost reduction, quality control, and regulatory factors, while also keeping an eye on their profitability. Their need of business advice is high – we can help you to free up your time to focus on the bigger picture for them.

    Tech Startups

    Tech startups can be high maintenance, requiring your time to advise them on payroll, VAT, international tax regimes, SEIS/EIS, R&D relief and more. With our no-nonsense outsourced accounting solutions, we enable you to support fast-growing startups to achieve their vision.
    Tech Startups


    Running a retail business is not easy – Be it E-commerce or traditional shop front. From managing accounts and analyzing operational expenditure to keeping track of day-to-day revenues, they have a lot on their plate. We can free you up from tedious accounting functions so that you can offer high-value services such as budgeting and forecasting.


    Logistics accounting knowledge impacts the bottom line. Keeping track of costs of inventory, shipping and insurance, and supplier invoices is a lot of paperwork! Let us do all the hard work for you so that you can focus on making financial reporting more informative to your logistics clients.
    logistics sector


    FinTech companies are highly tech-driven, and doing their own bookkeeping and payroll is simply a waste of time for them. What they need is high-margin advisory support. So, while you offer that, we can manage time-consuming functions for them.


    Business growth in the IT sector can happen seemingly overnight. So, what your clients need from you is a different perspective in preparing and managing the fast-paced growth financially. Thankfully, we can take care of their accounting and tax so you can meet user expectations at the speed of change.
    IT sector
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