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Now here’s a service that takes care of your payroll processing, auto enrolment, CIS, and reporting – all under the same roof.

payroll outsourcing

Keep all your payroll
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Payroll managed efficiently makes everyone happy. However, you and your practice staff didn’t enter this profession to do extensive administration or keep track of payroll legislation. Fully managed payroll services involve many time-consuming tasks like entering employee data in the software, producing payslips, managing deductions like student loans and pensions, and transferring wages into the employee bank accounts. Stellaripe’s professional payroll outsourcing services free up the time of accountants in practice and save them from payroll complications and compliances, so their clients pay their employees on time. Plus, if payroll isn’t a service you are already offering to your clients, well now you can.

Scope of work

Payroll software capabilities

Technology - no problem for us!

Our UK payroll teams have experience of all commonly-used software and with a little bit of training, we can work with the uncommon ones too.



Pension portals

We help our clients gain real-time financial visibility throughout their accounting
activities with state-of-the-art tools.
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    The Stellaripe advantage includes

    Strategic accounting
    Strategic accounting support for your practice
    processes to improve the efficiency
    Set processes to improve the efficiency of your practice
    Client collaboration adding value to client relationships

    Client collaboration adding value to client relationships

    Turning around important jobs faster, and smoothly
    Turning around important jobs faster, and smoothly
    Gaining a competitive edge
    Gaining a competitive edge with the help of our dedicated accountants
    The life of an accountant can be complicated. Simplify it with Stellaripe.
    Better service starts here. We have proof!
    "We are extremely satisfied with Stellaripe team's entire performance. It's amazing how they align their thought processes and workflows to meet our requirements. I have also recommended them to my friends already. Stellaripe is that good!"

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