Is there a business continuity plan in place?

Infrastructure – Our office has a 24 X 7 power supply. In case a disaster struck, we only need a couple of hours to get it all up and running as we don’t hold any data on local network systems. Everything is being kept on a secure cloud system.

Staff absence – We aim to plan the leaves well in advance and would prefer to give at least two weeks of notice. In the event of unplanned, sick or emergency, or prolonged leaves, we provide for immediate subject matter expert as the backup to cover up for key personnel.

Contingency plan – We have tie-ups with various recruitment consultants, training centers, and colleges, which helps us provide staff when in need. These are thoroughly vetted before hiring.

How do I pay the bill?

You pay to our UK Bank Account via bank transfer. Details on other modes of payment to follow soon.


Is your staff qualified, experienced, and trained?

Yes, of course! We hire staff primarily with accounting backgrounds and qualifications. Typically, they are graduates, Qualified, or Intermediate skills. However, we also recruit experienced staff. Our employees get thoroughly trained in the subject matter for two months before they start taking any assignments. They are all Xero/Freeagent-certified, to begin with.

How can I keep track of work outsourced?

Our way of working is transparent. We give daily planner reports and weekly status reports on a day decided beforehand. We also advise weekly calls (besides routine calls). Our periodic feedback calls take care of all other aspects of the job!

Do your staff get regular training?

Yes, we regularly share industrial updates with the staff. Founder Parth Shah ensures all employees are always well-informed of the legislative changes. Their incentives and increments are linked with CPD hours, and they are also obliged to take advanced software and process cross-training, as and when required.

Will the work be reviewed? Who reviews?

Absolutely! Delivering quality work means a lot to us. Therefore, all jobs are reviewed by a senior staff member before being sent to you. All jobs follow stringent internal checklists. Contact us to know more.

Which industries do you work for?

We work with accountancy practices in the UK, whose clientele includes small to medium size businesses from various industries such as hospitality, construction, manufacturing, technology, retail, logistics, IT, fintech and more. Get more info here.